Since the Madden NFL is an annual game series, we do not usually see much difference between its versions. However, the Madden NFL 18 is a big change compared to the previous version of the series. The use of the Frostbite engine has brought visual play to a new level of realism and, in addition, EA has been struggling to put the events of American football day. Although all of these features are great, the best part of the Madden NFL 18 is definitely its Longshot mode.

The biggest change to the Madden NFL series has been to date, becoming their three-dimensional game in 1999. However, it’s safe to say that after this date, the Madden NFL 18 has made the most progress compared to the previous version of the series, which is why it offers the most appealing and best version of the series. The game is also fantastically awesome, with a series of minor changes that have made Madden NFL 18 the best experience of American football.

There’s no doubt that the Madden NFL 18 needs a series of minor improvements. But even with these cases, we are witnessing an excellent game that offers an exciting experience of American football. The high quality of the game is not merely a good simulation of American football, it’s not just about teams and competitions; it’s a game with a series of good changes to the gameplay and game modes, and it’s totally excitement for the gamer.


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